About City of Bulls Clothing & Apparel

Welcome to City of Bulls Clothing & Apparel! Based in Lake Forest, CA, (formerly known as El Toro, CA). We’re more than just a clothing store. We’re a community-driven brand that embodies hard work, quality, and authenticity. 

City of Bulls Clothing & Apparel is a dual distribution company specializing in high-quality workwear and casual clothing. We source directly from manufacturers and distributors, ensuring top-notch products for our customers. Our commitment to excellence includes careful order fulfillment, quality assurance, and quick shipping within 5-7 days. With a focus on customer service and authenticity, we stand out in the market while maintaining uncompromising quality. 

Our Journey

Our story began as a one-person operation, selling our best-selling “El Toro” Snapback hat and “Shop Shirts” out of the trunk of a Classic Chevrolet. Our vision was simple: provide premium quality and fashionable clothing that reflected the hustle and dedication of our community. We wanted to create an alternative option for consumers who craved top brand excellence and quality goods without breaking the bank.

From Parking Lots to Pop-Up Shops

Fast forward two years, and we’ve come a long way. We’ve hustled through parking lots, set up pop-up shops, and overcome countless obstacles. Today, we’re proud to offer a wider product selection, including high-quality workwear and casual clothing. Our sourcing process is done directly by us—from the manufacturer to our warehouse—ensuring top-notch quality for our customers.

Community at Our Core

City of Bulls Clothing & Apparel is a self-made, self-funded business. Our team is made up of community members who share our passion for authentic products and exceptional service. We believe in giving back, both inside and outside our operation. That’s why we actively participate in our community, partnering with  Local Businesses (Lake Forest Party Rentals & XPVND Ent.) & hosting an Annual Toy Drive at Burgertown USA in Lake Forest! In exchange for donated toys that are then donated to underprivileged children, we exchange a meal to every toy donor, giving back to those who give! It’s our way of making a positive impact beyond our business.

Thank You

To everyone who has supported us from day one, we appreciate you. Whether you’ve purchased our products or cheered us on, you’re part of the City of Bulls family. Thank you for being part of our journey!